Happy Robot

Happy Robot offers animation, design and a range of linked creative services tapping into the multi-disciplinary skills of London-based designer & animation director – Ravi Swami – ranging from animation in various media through to design for animation, with a special emphasis on storyboarding & direction, both creative and hands-on practical & equally comfortable straddling the worlds of analogue & digital media.

Amongst a diverse range of work, you can find contributions to the Academy Award winning doc’ – “One Day in September” / (Passion Pictures), as designer & director of the CGI sequences, animated interactive sequences for live performance (Soumik Datta), CGI design & animation and storyboarding for commercials, both live -action & animation, animated series & feature film and TV title design.

Clients include: Richard Morrison Associates, HU_SH London, Disney TV / Passion Animation, Watership Down TV, Karmarama, Th1ng, Th2ng, Flux@Th1ng, Tilling Associates, CH4, Sherbet, Passion Pictures, Duck L.A.